Holographic Black + Teal Cross Moon Tray

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These gorgeous M.O.O.N trays are perfect for a feature piece in any room! They snuggly fit tea light candles, or you could use these to separate your small jewellery pieces! So many ideas ~ What is yours going to be for?

Gorgeous handmade (by me) irregular shaped tray. Useful for many things like; holding your skull candle, soap dish for the kitchen, or just a talking price on the coffee table. Nevertheless…..
 You need dis.   

Please note, as these are a handmade item by myself they are a one off, all unique and may have some slight defects eg; air bubbles, irregular edges, odd bit of coloured glitter here and there. If at all you would like to see more pictures of one specific item please ask via Instagram or email! Thank you 🌞